Endowment Recognition

More than 10 years ago, United Way of Story County (UWSC) began the Endowment fund, and many donors have helped it grow. Since that time, UWSC has learned a lot about our community AND perpetual giving. UWSC’s Endowment has helped support projects within the scope of the UWSC mission, including start-up funds for NAMI’s Wellness Center, financial support for the BackPack ProgramTM and RSVP’s Volunteer Transportation Program.
UWSC’s Endowment and the projects it supports are exciting to donors and the community. In order to build momentum so even more lives can be touched, new recognition levels for donors are offered as of 2014. Rarely do donors give for the sole purpose of their recognition, yet UWSC and other organizations are eager to show appreciation through these tools.  
The recognition levels are listed below. Many thanks to the following individuals and organizations for investing in the future of Story County! Join us by supporting the endowment and helping us build a better Story County for tomorrow.   

Porch Light Society

Membership in the Porch Light Society includes donors who have taken steps to endow a leadership gift of $1,000 or more in perpetuity by either documenting a planned gift that would generate income or endowing through cash gifts or another charitable giving tool. The name of this honored group refers to the early days of when UWSC, then known as the Ames Community Chest, conducted its annual campaign door-to-door. Households who wished to contribute turned on their porch lights to welcome the campaign volunteers. Today's Porch Light Society honors our legacy as well as our future. 
  • Kay and Roger Beckett
  • Mary and Alan Christy
  • Carolyn and Chuck Jons
  • Yvonne and Kevin Kinzler
  • Jean and Marion Kresse
  • Teresa and Jami Larson
  • Frankee and Jim Oleson
  • Becky Perkovich Parmelee
  • Suzan and John Shierholz
  • Marianne and David Spalding

Endowment Builders

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the Endowment
  • Pat and Louis Banitt
  • Gary and Heather Botine
  • Ann Campbell
  • Erica and Matt Campbell
  • Barbara and John Dalhoff
  • Carol and Keith Folkmann
  • Barbara and Harlan Hanson
  • Jean and Marion Kresse
  • Beverly and Warren Madden
  • Frankee and Jim Oleson
  • Randi and Steven Peters
  • Cosette and Lou Scallon
  • Karen and Bob Shirk
  • Marianne and David Spalding
  • Karen Wagner


Founding Donors

Donors who contributed before 2014 with a gift that helped begin the Endowment
Roberta Abraham
Barb and Jack Adams  
Julia F. Anderson 
Julia Apple-Smith and Ron Smith     
Pat and Louis Banitt  
Irene Beavers
Sharon and Jeff Becker
Kay and Roger Beckett
Jean Beckwith Bailey
George Belitsos 
Neala and Chuck Benson
Jan and George Beran 
Doreen and Kenneth Berg 
Sue and Craig Bjorkgren
Roberta and Robert Boeke 
Jo and Verle Burgason 
Ann Campbell
Jeanne and Darrel Campbell 
Sally and Jerry Chase 
George C. Christensen 
Dorothy and Jim Christy 
Mary and Alan Christy
Elizabeth and David Cox
Phyllis E. Crouse  
Linda and John Dasher
Jennifer and Brian Dieter  
Etiquette Iowa - Dr. Patricia Tice
Alyce and Glenn Fanslow
Jane Farrell-Beck                     
Jenn and Jeremy Galvin
Kathy and Kevin Geis  
Darlene and Neil Harl
Janet and Pete Hermanson
Karen and Al Hermanson
Ann and Jim Herriott 
Frank Horn
Dianne and Rick Hugdahl 
Julie and Tom Huisman
Marge and Erb Hunziker
Peggy and Jeff Johnson
Roger W. Jones 
Carolyn and Chuck Jons
Susan and J. Michael Kelly  
Chris and John Kinley
Mary Jo and Roger Kluesner
Jenni and Steve Koger 
Jean and Marion Kresse    
Teresa and Jami Larson
Gale and Lee Livingston
Mary Ann and Paul Lundy
Jere Maddux
Jackie and Dick Manatt
Carolyn and Ralph Manning
Barbara Matthies
Roberta Milinsky
Barb and Fred Miller
Carol Ann and Dave Morris
Amy Myers 
Frankee and Jim Oleson
Jan and Don Payer
Becky Perkovich 
Randi and Steven Peters
Marlys and Jim Potter
Jan and Tom Putnam
Rosellyn and William Rudolph
Cindy and John Russell
Sherry and Lee Sargent
Lynn and Dave Scarlett
Jan and Dick Seagrave
Joy and George Serovy
Suzan and John Shierholz
Karen and Bob Shirk                 
Sigler Companies and Employees
Frances and Richard Smith
Maureen and Chris Snyder
Virginia and Robert Stafford
Wilma Struss
Ruth and Clayton Swenson
Kathleen and John Timmons
Mardi and Regis Voss
Janice and Marvin J. Walter
Mary Watkins
Wells Fargo Advisory Board
Wells Fargo Foundation
Lynn and Bill Whisler 
Wendy Wintersteen 
Julie Wooden               
Nine Anonymous Gifts
Indicates deceased